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Delay Ejaculation

Delay Ejaculation and Create a More Gratifying Sexual Experience


Most delays in life are a total drag. But to delay ejaculation is a skill that must be practiced.

Most delays in life are a total drag. But learning to delay ejaculation is a skill that must be practiced.

Whether you are dealing with the embarrassment and frustration of premature ejaculation or simply seeking a heightened enjoyment of your sexual experiences, you will be pleased to know that there are methods you can learn to delay ejaculation and get the most out of your intimate exploits.

Delay Ejaculation with Thought Control

We all know that the mind is a very powerful thing, and controlling the way your mind thinks can play a large part in your efforts to delay ejaculation. For some, the simple act of thinking non sexual thoughts when you feel you are near climax can slow things down and put off your ultimate climax. This can lead to a more satisfactory experience for both you and your partner.

Mix it Up to Delay Ejaculation

A simple change in rhythm may also be the answer for you. As you probably already know, when you and your partner get into a groove, moving together in a regular rhythm, the cadence can carry you right up to your climax. However, if you change your rhythm, slow it down, or even stop briefly, this will set the stage to delay ejaculation and lengthen the sexual experience overall.

When Control is Difficult

If you are dealing with premature ejaculation issues, these simple steps may not be enough. They remain the basis in your efforts to delay ejaculation, but you may not be successful in your first few tries. In fact, you may want to practice when you do not have a partner. When masturbating, you can try these strategies, changing your thoughts, focusing on non sexual topics, and changing up the rhythm. It is easier to work on these skills sometimes when you are not trying t please a partner at the same time.

Do not be discouraged if your tactics do not work at first; like anything else, they take practice and a little trial and error efforts to find out what will work for you. It also comes with practice that you will begin to eternalize the strategies you learn and make them a part of your sexual tendencies. Eventually, you will be able to use these strategies without even thinking about them and delay ejaculation without even thinking about it.

Delay Ejaculation with Kegel Exercises: Being Proactive

You may have heard of Kegel exercises in reference to women, but these exercises can be very important to men as well. With strong, toned muscles in the penis, you will be better able to control your urge to climax, and to delay ejaculation to a time when it is best for you and your partner. The next time you are urinating, stop the stream and take note of what muscles you used to do so. These are the muscles you will be toning when you perform Kegel exercise. Flexing and relaxing these muscles when you are watching television, waiting in line at the DMV, or any other time you are at rest, will give you substantially more control during sexual intercourse. You will have better control and be able to delay ejaculation until you and your partner are ready.

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