How to Delay Ejaculation and Increase Your Time in Bed

            Thanks to our modern media culture, more and more men feel the need to find out how to delay ejaculation. Pornography and the internet have given the impression that the modern man needs to run a sexual marathon in order to please women. You may be surprised to learn, then, that men are not designed to last a long time and delay orgasms indefinitely while they please their partners. 

            So, if you’re looking for information on how to last longer in bed, then you certainly aren’t alone. Millions and millions of men all over the globe are looking for information on this topic and are seeking treatment for their premature ejaculation problem. Read every word of this article to find out the leading methods and strategies on how to delay ejaculation.

Do I Have a Problem?

            Before we get into the meat and potatoes on how to increase your sexual stamina, it’s important to discuss whether or not you really have a sexual health issue. Premature ejaculation is tricky to classify, but you should seek treatment if you have a problem with control or generally orgasm quicker than you or your partner want you to.  You technically have PE if this causes emotional stress on the behalf of you or your partner, or if it damages your relationships with women or interrupts your ability to live a normal life in any way.

            Fortunately, you should not panic if you are diagnosed with premature ejaculation.  Instead, you should learn strategies for prolonging sex and you are sure to make a full recovery, which will increase your time in bed and help you with lasting longer during intercourse.

Strategies for Prolonging Sex

            Because the problem is so common, there is many a technique that addresses PE and how to delay orgasm .  All of these should help you with lasting longer and should help you delay orgasm.  Naturally, each one will work to a different degree depending on your body.  Therefore, the best way to find out which method works for you is to create a program that incorporates all of these techniques and finding out which ones work for you.

PC Muscle Exercises: Your PC muscle an important muscle when it comes to finding out finding a cure for PE. It may shock you to learn, but orgasm and ejaculation are actually two separate processes. Ejaculation is triggered when you lose control of the PC muscle (which happens subconsciously) and it contracts against your prostate, which then begins the ejaculatory response.

            However, if you work out your PC muscle, you can actually gain control of it.  Learning that you can control your PC muscle and prevent it from contracting (and thus learning to delay ejaculation and gain control) is a huge step in discovering a solution that works.

            To locate your PC muscle, go to the bathroom and halt the flow of urine, as if someone had walked in on you.  The muscle that closes your urethra is the PC muscle, and if you work it hard enough, you can increase your control over your ejaculations.

            This technique will make you aware of the muscle, and will allow you to control and relax it in bed.

Deep Breathing and Focus: There are also plenty of less tangible ways that you’ll need to become familiar with you truly want to learn how to delay ejaculation. Many men lose control of their bodies during sex because they get so excited or so aroused.  This will result in a quick orgasm, and will not help you in your journey to defeat PE.

            Therefore, one thing you can do is focus on your breathing and maintain control over every part of your body during intercourse.  Many men use short, rapid breaths during intercourse.  This has the ability to activate the sympathetic system in the body (which is used during times of physical stress), which in turn can activate the ejaculatory response.

            Finally, focusing on the act and not allowing yourself to be distracted is the final element when it comes to discovering a cure. Don’t be anxious, stressed, or focused on “testing yourself” and stare at the clock during sex. 

            If you follow these simple tips, you’ll learn how to delay ejaculation in no time!

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