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Prolong Ejaculation

Proven Methods to Prolong Ejaculation

Men who struggle to control their sexual climaxes will go to great lengths to prolong ejaculation, and the drug and supplement manufacturers are very aware of this.  If you are dealing with premature ejaculation, it is important to be aware of those companies who wish to take advantage of your frustration and anxiety to sell you a product that very likely do not works.

Medications as an Answer to Prolong Ejaculation

The development of these “miracle drugs and supplements” is not completely unfounded.  There is a certain group of antidepressants, known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, or SSRIs, that display the side effect of delayed ejaculation.  For this reason, doctors have prescribed these medications to their patients to help them prolong ejaculation, and for some patients, it has worked.

Moreover, if your sexual issues are related to erectile dysfunction, that is, you are unable to stop premature ejaculation as a symptom of your inability to achieve or maintain an erection, then those medications indicated for this disorder may be used.  However, if your inability to prolong ejaculation is an isolated symptom, it is most likely not going to be relieved with medication or with vitamins.

Prolong Ejaculation — Is There An Answer?

Medications have been known to prolong ejaculation.

Medications have been known to prolong ejaculation.

The fact is that premature ejaculation is generally not based in any medical pathology at all, and this is why there really are no medications that will give you a foolproof ability to prolong ejaculation.  However, this is not cause to be discouraged.  One in every three men deal with this issue at some point in his life, and it is usually not a chronic problem, and there are several effective strategies you can use to overcome it.

Start with Your Doctor

Even though the inability to prolong ejaculation is not usually a medically based problem, your doctor will have the ability to point you in the right direction.  Talk to him or her about your problem, and he will do several things:  he will perform a physical examination to ensure that you are, indeed, healthy; he will ask you some questions to try to derive the basis for your dilemma; and he will refer you to the proper professional who can help you learn to prolong ejaculation.


Premature ejaculation is a very real problem that can cause anxiety, depression, and low self esteem; it can also damage your personal relationships.  Counselors and sex coaches who specialize in these kinds of issues will tell you that often the beginning of finding a solution is finding the cause.  Very often men find that they cannot prolong ejaculation due to stresses in in their lives that are not related to sex.  Anxiety over their job, money, family, or other factors may come into play and lead a man to respond without control to any sexual sensation.  If these underlying issues are treated, the man can begin to prolong ejaculation.

Teaching Your Body

A sex coach might look at your overall sexual habits, considering factors like how often you ejaculate, how and when you masturbate, and how comfortable you are in your romantic relationship.  These can be altered to help you prolong ejaculation during your sexual encounters.  Or example, if your sexual experiences only occur occasionally and you seldom masturbate, your body may be hyper sensitive to any sexual experience and respond immediately to any stimulus, with no opportunity to prolong ejaculation.  If this is the case, increasing the frequency of ejaculation and even masturbating before sex will help you get control over your sexual climax.

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