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The mysterious G-spot has been a source of fascination as well as frustration for men trying to please their women, ever since its existence has been known. While various cultures around the world have discussed the mysterious G-spot under different names, it’s not only until Dr. Ernst Grafenberg discovered the G-spot in the 1950s that this mysterious source of female pleasure found widespread acknowledgement in Western culture.

While most men find it difficult enough to deliver clitoral orgasms, most men find it impossible to trigger the female G spot orgasm. In fact, even many women are unaware of their own ability to have G spot orgasms.

What Is The G Spot Orgasm?

G SpotWomen have the ability to have 2 different types of orgasms, the clitoral orgasm and the G spot orgasm. The clitoral orgasm is the more well known of the two types of females orgasms. However, the G spot orgasm is said to deliver a different type of orgasm. Some women claim that the G spot orgasm is more intense, and completely distinct from the experience of a clitoral orgasm. The G spot itself is a small, bean-shaped area, approximately 2-3 inches into the vagina on the front vaginal wall.

Women who experience the G spot orgasm for the first time describe the initial feeling as similar to a need to urinate. Because of this sensation, many women who feel this initial stimulation stop what they’re doing, never allowing themselves to experience the pleasure of a G spot orgasm. However, if this stimulation of the G spot is continued, it will lead to a female orgasm that feels “deeper” than a normal clitoral orgasm, likely because the G spot stimulates orgasmic contractions in the uterine area, rather than the vaginal walls where clitoral orgasms are felt. Two descriptions of the G spot orgasms are common – one description is of a very powerful, pleasurable explosion that keeps going on and on, or a series of less intense, but very deep and satisfying rolling wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Stimulating The G Spot

Obviously, any man looking to please his woman needs to master stimulation of the G spot. With G spot orgasms being so difficult to achieve, any man capable of delivering G spot orgasms instantly becomes a superior lover. Because the G spot is located deep inside the vaginal wall, firm pressure is required in order to stimulate the G spot. Because of this, unless the woman has intercourse with a man who is trained to find the G spot and stimulate it, she is highly unlikely to experience a G spot orgasm through regular intercourse and foreplay. The G spot can be stimulated in two primary ways, through certain intercourse positions, as well as manually – either with fingers or a special G spot vibrator designed with a curve to reach the G spot.

Manual Stimulation Of The G-Spot

Manual stimulation of the G-spot with fingers is the easiest way for a man to give his woman a G spot orgasm. The woman should be lying on her back. To make it easier, her knees should be pressed up to her chest, as this shortens the depth of the vagina, making it easier to reach the G-spot.

Gently insert your middle and ring finger into the vagina, reaching towards the front of the vaginal wall, and insert your figures to a depth of about 3 inches. Your fingers should be up behind the pubic bone. Gently stroke the area, looking for a smooth, soft area. Once you find this area, reach another inch further back, and you should be able to feel the G spot. Keep in mind that because the G spot is under the surface of the vaginal wall, pressure is required to provide stimulation. Gentle stroking won’t find it; think more like you’re trying to massage a pea under a mattress.

At this point, your hand should be cupped over her vagina, with the heel of your palm over her clitoris, while your middle and ring fingers are inside her vagina. You should be keeping your fingers curled so that they push upwards on the G spot. Simply use a back and forth motion, much like the thrusting you would do during intercourse. Thrust hard, with your fingers curled and still pushing on the front of the vaginal wall. You should hear a wet, sloshing noise from your thrusting and her moist vagina. You can ask her for feedback at this point, but if she’s feeling G spot stimulation, her reaction should be all the feedback you need. If you’ve found the spot, keep thrusting your fingers and she should eventually experience her first G spot orgasm. For some women, this will come with female ejaculation.

Penetration & Stimulation Of The G-Spot

It is significantly more difficult to stimulate the G spot through penetration, but it’s definitely possible. It’s best to try to achieve G spot orgasms through manual stimulation first. Once you have a better understanding of the G spot, orgasm, you can try hitting the G spot in doggy style or the spooning position. Try to rub your penis against the front wall of her vagina the same way you did with your fingers. When she is on her hands and knees, you should have her arch her back and keep her head up while you thrust downwards to maximize your chances of hitting the G spot. If your partner is familiar with G spot orgasms, she can also get on top and position her hips in the right way for a G spot orgasm.

If you have trouble locating the G spot or stimulating her to orgasm, don’t despair. Remember that finding the G spot can be tough, even for women. It’s also simply harder to find the G spot in some women. However, every woman can have a G spot orgasm, and once you start hitting it right, you’re sure to have her begging for more. highly recommends use of VigRX Plus to have longer lasting erections. VigRX Plus is clinically proven to improve your erictile quality by 58.97%

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