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There are a lot of things in life that are difficult to do, but one of the hardest is to figure out how to control premature ejaculation. For many men, this has been something you’ve struggled with since they’d been having sex. It is not easy to do, especially when you have no idea where to begin on fixing the problem. However, there are a few tips and tricks on how to control premature ejaculation that you might want to start with. We can show you the door, but you have to walk through it.

Have You Considered Exercise?

It goes without saying that exercise will make you healthier, but did you know that exercise would also make you sexually healthier as well? A person who is out of shape has a higher risk of not knowing how to control premature ejaculation. The reason is because blood flow is not optimal in an unhealthy person.

Blood flow is crucial for fixing you PE, because the more blood that can flow to your erection, the more control you will have over your own orgasms. Your muscles, and reflexes work much better when you have optimal circulation. In addition to that, the extra blood will even put pressure on your penis, essentially constricting the tube through which your semen travels.

It is important for you to get into shape if you are experiencing problems with your sex life, as this is the first step for how to control premature ejaculation.

Next, you can even do “sexercises”. These are more properly named, the Kegel exercises. They were originally developed for men with urinary problems, but men soon found out that they had unbelievable control over when they had their orgasms. They were found to last an average of 29 minutes longer, just by doing these exercises on a regular basis. To someone with PE, 29 minutes is an eternity.

Here is how to do the Kegel exercise routine:

First, while in midstream, cut off urine flow three times when you are using the bathroom.

Next, you will want to do this for the entire next week for two reasons-
It will help you designate exactly which muscle to work out.
It will get your muscles to the point where you can start having more control.

You will know that you’ve started to have far more control, when it becomes easier and easier to cut off urine flow midstream.

After that, you can simple workout that muscle by flexing it. Since you’re not doing anything outward, you can simply workout while at work, stuck in traffic, or watching TV. You name the place, you can work that muscle there.

This exercise will show you how to control premature ejaculation, and it will probably be the most effective method overall.

Just as a note, some have theorized that having a strong set of urethral reflexive muscles optimizes blood flow also, which means that there is less of a chance in developing testicular or prostate cancer.

One last exercise you might want to do very, very often is masturbate. Yes, someone is actually telling you to masturbate for your own good. The reason is that masturbation will allow you to not only “clean out the pipes”, but it if you practice stopping an orgasm, it will give you necessary practice for the big game.

Herbal Supplements

Speaking of optimizing blood flow, few methods work better than taking herbal male enhancement supplements. These supplements are chock full of aphrodisiacs, erection enhancers, and even vitamins and minerals that promote healthy heart function. The best part about herbal supplements is that they will give you a leg up on how to control premature ejaculation by increasing your sex drive.

This can help you in two ways:

The first is that you will be much more turned on during sex. This not only makes sex more enjoyable, but it also increases blood flow! (Noticing a pattern, by any chance?)

Next, it will help you increase your semen dramatically. So, not only will you have the ability to last longer, but you will also be able to “go a second round” in only a few recoup minutes.
Herbal supplements will have very few side effects, if any. The reason is because they are merely increasing certain substances in your body that were already there to begin with. It’s like eating spinach for more iron.

How this benefits you on how to control premature ejaculation is that you won’t be introducing foreign and dangerous chemicals into your body, making these little secret pill weapons have no consequences but the intended ones. They are also very, very cheap, as compared to most sex health medications.

You will be able to get your hands on a decent bottle of Horny Goat Weed with L-Arginine for less than $40 for a month supply, which is a far cry from $40 for one pill! In addition to that, the $40 bottle works fantastically by helping you on a daily basis, and you can take one 30 minutes before sex. It is an all encompassing sexual health system.

Think About Her

Last but not least, probably the most overlooked way on how to control premature ejaculation is to control your thoughts. It is very easy to get caught up in the feeling of what’s going on down south, but that doesn’t help your partner at all. If you are thinking about her needs, and ultimately getting her to an orgasm before you get to yours, then you will be much too preoccupied to have an orgasm right now.

The main benefit of getting her to an orgasm first is that it says that you have excellent bedroom manners. Remember guys; it’s always ladies first. If you are not sure how to bring her to an orgasm, then that is something else that you might want to do a bit of homework on. If you want to know how to control premature ejaculation, then put her first. highly recommends use of VigRX Plus to have longer lasting erections. VigRX Plus is clinically proven to improve your erictile quality by 58.97%

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